About Certification Institute

The mission of the Certification Institute is to further the quality of certification programs by engaging the best minds in the industry to provide an in-depth, high-quality learning environment for certification executives.

The Certification Institute’s seminars offer participants the opportunity to engage in a vendor neutral learning forum designed to increase their professional knowledge and capacity to solve the challenges they face as leaders of certification programs.

Facilitated dialogue with expert instructors and a select field of participant leaders provides a rich environment for interactive learning, exchange of ideas and problem solving.

The Certification Institute is the creation of three industry thought leaders dedicated to providing a unique learning environment and networking forum for CEOs and senior staff of certification organizations. 

Collectively we have decades of experience navigating the landscape of certification,  taking programs from the stage of inception through growing them into viable, credible and respected best practice models of certification.   Over the years we have seen the role and leadership responsibilities of CEOs and senior staff change, along with the expectations of the marketplace and the stakeholders served by certification.  What we have not seen is content in education keeping pace with the challenges and demands associated with executive leadership and management of certification programs. 

The Certification Institute is designed to address this need by providing in-depth curriculum in crucial program areas including: legal, financial, governance, risk management, and strategic development.  We are well connected to the best leaders and minds in the industry, and we are committed to bringing them to you as your faculty. 

We also know that industry leaders are an invaluable resource for information, new ideas and advice, but there are few opportunities for these leaders to meet and exchange information in a truly neutral environment.  It is our goal to provide a learning environment that addresses both the need for advanced education and an active network to help you deliver practical solutions to your challenges, foster the exchange of ideas, and develop the resources and tools you need to lead and manage successfully and knowledgeably today and tomorrow.

The Certification Institute marks our next step in advancing the knowledge, art and science of certification.  We invite all certification CEOs and senior managers to join us in this journey.