This intensive, two day event will focus on:

  • Understanding how changing market demographics affect certification
  • Rethinking your organization’s brand
  • Targeting your messages to a diverse and different market
  • Active Networking

Who should participate?

Your team!  In this collaborative session, our facilitators work alongside your CEO, marketing director, certification leader, and anyone responsible for corporate or brand success.

What can I expect?

Our session leaders will facilitate some hands-on experiences aimed at uncovering key insights about your brand in the context of global market challenges.

U.S. Demographics are Changing – Is your Organization Ready?

By 2042 more than half of the U.S. population will be non-white (African American, Asian and Hispanic). The Millennial Generation (born 1980 – 2000) is also larger than the baby boomers, and these customers are shifting everything. These dynamic market shifts represent not only significant cultural shifts, but also one of the more remarkable marketing opportunities in history. Organizations should be poised to reach these consumers – but appealing to multicultural and millennial consumers requires a deep understanding of the marketplace and how to position your organization to target and reach tomorrow’s certificants.

The New Rules of Brand Leadership

In our globalized, hyper-connected age, certification organizations need to understand brand leadership and how it has changed in the 21st century. Driven by rapid technological advancement, the digitization of nearly everything and the intricate interdependencies of the marketplace, the certification business landscape has transformed over the past two decades. This Summit will help participants identify brand attributes unique to certification and apply the new rules of brand leadership to their programs.

Expand your Network

People with strong networks get more things done more effectively. They learn from others with different knowledge or experience, and are able to use their network as they seek to address complex issues and challenges.     

This Summit is specifically designed to engage every participant in active networking, and to provide opportunities for teams from the same organization to work together on their branding strategies.  Unlike typical events in which you might meet someone during a break, the program includes activities that require interaction and discussion.  While you build your team, you will come away with an active network of peers.